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Honored Graduates of 2012

In January, Crosspoint will continue its tradition of recognizing sustained success in our clients' journey back into the community. At this year's annual luncheon, we are formally recognizing seven outstanding graduates of the year for their perseverance, tenacity and optimism in changing their lives. They are: Jorge Alfaro, Victor Gomez, Natalie Lopez, Mary Lutz, Charles Mayberry, Ronald Phillips and Nadine Silva. Whether this involves resolving basic but serious medical needs, lowering personal defenses to re-learn trust, or rebuilding family relationships, all of our graduates have shown great emotional resilience. Some of these graduates have demonstrated the ultimate in confidence and optimism by pursuing restoration of parental rights or building their families. All of the accomplishments of these seven graduates show how individual potential and effort coupled with professional guidance can result in personal success and a strengthened community.


Jorge Alfaro – Augusta House

Jorge Alfaro was selected as Augusta House graduate of the year. He arrived at Crosspoint on September 29, 2010, and successfully completed the program on April 6, 2011. He faced several obstacles when he first arrived, all of which he overcame. He was able to secure employment at Broadway 50/50 restaurant and he continued to work there throughout his time in the program. Mr. Alfaro originally was introverted but in sessions with Crosspoint's mental health counselor he made great strides towards being more self confident and outgoing. He learned forgiveness and worked on asserting himself appropriately in areas that affect his life and decisions. His relationship with his family improved tremendously and he now has a better ability to maintain positive social relationships. According to his USPO Steven Gray, Mr. Alfaro has remained steadily employed and has done well with the requirements of supervision since his discharge from Crosspoint.


Charles Mayberry – Hall House

Charles Mayberry arrived at Hall House as a TDAT client on November 12, 2010, and although he was a certified forklift operator and a commercial driver, he was unable to secure employment right away. Mr. Mayberry remained positive and never gave up looking for work. He completed a 6-week Warehouse Management course at his own expense. He began working in a temporary position at Goodwill and his hard work did not go unnoticed. Mr. Mayberry was later offered a full-time position as a Donation Station attendant. As a result of his consistent professionalism, Mr. Mayberry is also the spokesperson that Goodwill sends to corporate offices to accept large donations and express gratitude on behalf of Goodwill. Mr. Mayberry truly has humbled himself and his lifestyle reflects a commitment to recovery and successful community reintegration. According to USPO Traci Tate, he continues to take recovery seriously and values his freedom. She has watched him grow and gain stability in his home life, his work and his values.


Natalie Lopez – Pryor House

Natalie Lopez arrived at Pryor House on Nov. 30, 2010 as a referral from USPO Kenneth Vernon. She came to Crosspoint with many adversities; however she took responsibility and showed herself to be a respectful young woman. Because of a history riddled with drugs, abuse and prison, her family could not provide support. She had an active CPS case with her 3 year old daughter and spent time with her every week at the CPS office. She went to court several times to recover her parental rights. She accepted counseling with Crosspoint's mental health counselor and never missed an appointment. Ms. Lopez took advantage of every available resource to better herself for her daughter, including Dress for Success, parenting classes and NA meetings. She also established her own residence with the help of Bexar County Detention Ministries. On Dec. 27, 2010, she became employed full-time. Her employer has had positive reviews of her work and she has hopes of a supervisory position in the near future. She secured a mentor through EUM ministries before her release in May 2011. Ms. Lopez has demonstrated a true willingness to do whatever it takes to make a better life for herself and her little girl.


Victor Gomez – The Summit

John C. Maxwell said it best: "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." This truly describes Victor Gomez while in the Crosspoint reentry program. While here, Mr. Gomez obtained and maintained employment with Holloman Utilities and paid all of his financial obligations before exiting the program. Mr. Gomez reestablished ties with his mother, sister, and other positive and sober individuals, and he maintained an optimistic view on life even amidst troubles. He established a professional yet friendly working relationship with staff. Mr. Gomez was discharged in April 2011. According to his PO, Stephen Gray, Mr. Gomez continues to work for Holloman Utilities and has completed his drug treatment courses. Mr. Gomez is now a proud father to his first child, a little boy.


Ronald Phillips – Veterans Program

We all have our own ideas and thoughts on what constitutes a hero because they come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Louis Kossuth put it best when he stated succinctly, "It is the surmounting of difficulties that make heroes". Mr. Ronald Phillips is a Vietnam-era U.S. Air Force veteran and, although he did not serve in combat, like many veterans from that unpopular war, he fell victim to the general apathy that was produced by that turmoil. When Mr. Phillips (Ronnie) first entered the Crosspoint Veterans Program he was homeless, in severe physical pain, suffering from an antisocial outlook and he had a poor self image. During his six month stay in the program staff witnessed a complete transformation of attitude, perseverance and most of all his self worth. Mr. Phillips successfully completed the Transitional Housing program in September and moved into his own VASH apartment where he is flourishing.


Mary Lutz – MHTP

Mary Lutz has been selected as the Mental Health Treatment Program graduate of the year. Mary has a childhood history of abuse and she has been diagnosed with a major mood disorder. Mary was able to stabilize her mood with medications and counseling. Her history of addiction left her with medical problems, but during the program she was able to overcome these conditions. For the past 7 months, Ms. Lutz has been working full-time for an oil firm. She attended an ACTS retreat sponsored by USPO and found new spiritual strength. She has three sons and one daughter and in the course of the program she recovered custody of one of her sons.


Nadine Silva – WSAP

Nadine Silva has been selected as the graduate of the year for the Women's Substance Abuse Program. Nadine is a September 2010 graduate of the one year program through Crosspoint's Outpatient Center. She also completed the 500 hour addictions treatment program while in Bryan Federal Correctional Institution in 2008. Nadine is a go-getter. She spent four years in prison for drug charges from age 19 to 22, but she has been sober since 2004. She has been working full-time for an engineering firm for over two years. She is living in her own home with her husband and step-daughter. She had her first child, Brock, last May. Nadine is also attending SAC and will graduate with her AA in Marketing in June 2012 and plans to transfer to UTSA in fall 2012. She has been consistently on the honor roll.