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community restoration.



Honorable Henry G. Cisneros,
Executive Chairman, CityView

“I once heard a prominent American say that in order to be compassionate you must also be competent.  Thank goodness we have that balance of compassion and competence in Crosspoint.”


Captain Ray T. Castillo
San Antonio Police Department, East Patrol Substation

"As someone who has worked in law enforcement for many years, I find it refreshing to find an organization such as Crosspoint that helps it residents transition back into society. Crosspoint is to be commended for being a good neighbor and also for their willingness to educate the public about what they are about."


Tony C. Gradney, President
Chelsea’s Catering & Bar Service

"I must commend the leadership team of the Crosspoint Inc. Summit location. They have been steadfast with their commitment to support the local business in the area in a positive manner.  Not only are they buying goods and services from local business but, they are hiring from the local labor pool on the Eastside as well! Prior to their moving into the vacant Convent, the area was unsightly and unsafe to be near.  Now, the place is clean and well lighted and the folks that they are serving are not causing and untoward issues to the neighborhood.  Dr. Kevin J. Downey, CEO, is to be recognized as a man of his word.  Let me be one of the first business owners in the area to state emphatically that the Crosspoint Transitional Facility is a welcome addition to the Eastside community."


Charles Williams, Owner
Williams Barber College

"I have watched Crosspoint in action since they moved into their new facility on Yucca. Their commitment to improving this community is reflected in their support of local businesses and ongoing neighborhood service projects. Crosspoint clearly has the interest of this community high on their list of priorities and I am happy to stand with them."


Jerri Keys, President
Denver Heights Neighborhood Association

"The Crosspoint ex‐offender program has truly had a huge impact in our community. On several occasions we have been able to contact them to come out and help with clean up of the neighborhood. Without questions or hesitation they come and assist with trash pickup, vacant lot clean up, cutting yards and anything else asked of them."

"I do appreciate them being in the community. Their program is well structured and the young men are always very polite and courteous when doing business with the Denver Heights Neighborhood Association."


Fr. Kevin Fausz
Holy Redeemer Church

"Crosspoint is a vital link in the lives of many, providing transformational services for formerly incarcerated citizens and homeless veterans. Through their care and services they are helping men who would otherwise be forgotten! Caring for and transforming lives is at the heart of Crosspoint. We are fortunate to have then in our neighborhood!"


Sister Gabriella Lohan
Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate

"After over two years living across the street from Crosspoint, I am delighted to tell the good news of our formerly incarcerated brothers. The men have been generous members of our community, having volunteered to clean up several sections of the neighborhood. Several of them attend mass with the Sisters in the Sisters' chapel on Sundays. We meet them at the bus stop and ride the bus with them on their way to work and doctors' appointments. We are happy to live close to you guys, God bless you!"


Linda M. Zamora
Yucca Street Resident

"I live on Yucca Street close to Crosspoint. I thank God for the presence of Crosspoint. I see the clients and staff coming and going and know they are contributing to our community. I am also grateful that the beautiful convent is being used for such a good purpose and not left to deteriorate and become an eyesore."


James E. McNamara
President of the Crestlake Homeowners Association

"After vetting the Crosspoint organization some two years back, members of the Crestlake Homeowners Association concluded that the Crosspoint program is a huge asset to the Eastside community. By offering transitional services to San Antonio citizens, Crosspoint is providing resources that change people's lives, ensure that they once again experience dignity, and show their clients the way from ever having to be marginalized again. The Crestlake Homeowners Association is pleased to offer its support for this valuable community organization."